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Business-Funded Technology is on the Rise

- In the past, the majority of major technological steps forward were being made by forward-thinking individuals working in private settings. Only once the technology became main stream were major corporations being founded around the advances. Today, businesses and large corporations are recognizing just what they stand to gain by funding technology breakthroughs rather than competing […]

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A Word about 3D Printers

- 3D printing, also known as Additive Printing involves making just about any three-dimensional object out of a digital model (i.e. a computer model that has the ability to photographically replicate any object down to every last precise detail). In the process, sequential layers of the object are carefully placed in various shapes. In some ways, […]

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Are Computers Replacing Employees?

- The trend has started and no one knows where it will end. Employees are being replaced with machines in virtually every sector and industry. The jobs that are being lost are disappearing in droves and it is happening all over the globe. Even though corporate giants are telling everyone that these are short-term adjustments, this […]

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The Future of Big Data

- Big Data, to put it simply, is the enormous amount of information, created and collected from various sources. Daily, Exabyte’s of information is created and this information collected. In turn, it is analyzed to develop secondary data on trends, marketing projections, and other useful analytics for companies and clients. The question becomes. What is the […]

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Decline in Samsung Smartphones Sales

- Smartphones are the latest trend in handheld devices these days. Blackberry could be considered to be one of the pioneer smartphones. There was a time that every busy executives and business owners depended on this device for the day to day navigation of their corporate lives. But since then improved and better high end phones […]

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